One page on website not updating - even though shows in preview

Hello. I have one page that is not updating when published. I have read the forums and cleared my cache on both my phone, my mac and pc desktop. Sometimes the change is visible and sometimes it is not. It does show the change in edit and preview mode. Since it is my price list- it is an important page to know it being displayed the same for everyone. Any ideas? The $185 and $260 are not publishing correctly.

I just noticed its’s not only my pricing, but also the text underneath and the video previews are also not reflecting the change.

You might want to try a „publishing all files“…

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It looks like you have got conflicting index.php and index.html pages published to the same directory. The index.html one probably displays by default. To rectify the problem, use your FTP software or control panel file manager to delete one of the pages.

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Thank you @willwood! That was it. I would have been trying to fix it via Rapidweaver forever and it never would have worked. Turns out I had a few other conflicting pages as well. Thank you for your knowledge.

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