Opening elder RW5 files in Rapidweaver 8.1


Since I didn’t manage to change the publication settings in Rapidweaver 5.3 from ftp to sftp (obliged from my server), I tried to open it in Rapidweaver 8.1, connection test succeeded, upload succeeded but only one page showed the used Theme. That must have got to do with the following error message:

Hope you can see the images, otherwise let me know, I’ll type the text.

Thanks for yout help!


I didn’t think you could open a RW5.3 project file in RW8.
My understanding was that any project file pre RW 5.4.1 needed to be opened with 5.4.1 and saved.

If you’re running Catalina or later you can’t use any RW5 versions as they’re 32bit.

The message says that the project file is using PlusKit and you don’t have that installed. PlusKit back then was loghound but was taken over by yourhead the maker’s of stacks.

You could get the current version of PlusKit from the Yourhead website, but I don’t know what it would cost to upgrade or the differences between versions.

Thanks for your reply.

Well, today I managed to open it in Rapidweaver 6.5, a version in which I could change the Publish Settings to SFTP instead of FTP. Was necessary because the server requested it. I could not have that changed in Rapidweaver 5.3.

So, now it works in Version 6.5, although I removed the Photo’s page, because it needed the Pluskit stack.


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