Option to turn off Smart Publishing gone - Please revert back to old "manual" export. Please

The RW7 pdf manual shows an illustration for turning the Smart Publishing option off. However, that option does not appear in my RW 7.02. It appears the user can no longer opt out of “smart publishing.”

My philosophy is this: Don’t let the bus drive you… YOU drive the bus! In other words, I want to select the files I want to export or upload REGARDLESS of whether RW THINKS they have updated or not. I want to KNOW what is happening. I DO NOT want to guess at what is changing on the website. That is why I export and ftp instead of “publish” to server anyway.

Please, please, please just give me back MY simple but efficient option to simply right click a page and export it without having to flip back and fort the “publishing” option.


Comments? Realmac?


I agree!!! My method is the same and to me this new thing is not an improvement. It removes a valuable feature.

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I totally agree. Please restore this invaluable feature ASAP.

It’s driving me nuts, I make 1 change on 1 page and have to export the entire site just for Transmit to upload it.
RightClick>Export Page is essential.

Let me be clear that this is working intermittent for me but are you right clicking the page in the left pane and publishing that page only? I can output single pages only but not consistantly.

It is “broke.” - Sometimes when I make changes I’m told by RW that “no changes have been made to publish.” Even if I mark the page as changed it says same thing. I sometimes have to dup things on the page and delete them to get RW to export.

Whatever is going on needs to be changed back to the efficient and smart way RW6 handled things. I LIKED “Export Site”. It WORKED. When I changed a few pages RW knew which pages had the fresh edits and when I Exported Site, only the changes got exported and then accurately and efficiently were FTP’d by Transmit.

Now everything’s gone to hell. When my project can’t be saved because I get the "Document can’t be saved’ message (a frequent occurrence - 3 times just today), and I have to duplicate the project, I cannot “Publish Site”. It was set to publish to a local folder and I can see that it is titled and checked in the “Publish Site to” window, however RW tells me I have to update publishing settings. When I try to “Choose Folder” and navigate to the export folder and choose it, nothing happens. I had to RESTART MY MAC to get it to work.

Update: well after 3 days of what I guess is “Smart Publishing” (only edited changes) not working and having the entire project get published, suddenly (at least for the past 3 attempts) it appears to be working. However I’m not holding my breath. Tomorrow is another day.