Still open ended - No way to publish "all files" for a single page?

To all and @dan
Since there is no option in RW7 to turn OFF smart publishing is there another way to force “republish all files” for a single page?

There are real reasons why this option is needed. Example: I deleted a test page and it’s associated files from my server because I had forgotten to mark it as “noindex, nofollow” and I was preparing to index site for my search tool (and sitemap). Then, when I went back to my test page, made a change, and republished, smart publishing only published the changed files. When I viewed the page live it of course was missing images as they had not be uploaded again and they had been deleted.

The only way now to republish ALL files for the page is to Export site and then upload all files the page.

So again, sometimes a user simply has the desire to “publish all files” for a single page. Perhaps I have missed something, but with with no option to turn off smart publishing I see no way to do that.

Am I wrong? Can all files for a single page be exported or must the user "export site? just to get all files for the one page?

@dan - Would you please consider adding back the option to Turn Off smart publishing? Please?

If you right-click the page and select ‘Mark as changed’, does that do it?

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No… Marking as changed doesn’t seem to publish all files for the page. I’m not sure exactly what is happening when this is done. I just marked my test page as changed and it only exported “test_files” folder with “font-icons” folder and “freestyle-images” folder which did NOT contain all freestyle images. It did not even export the main “test.html” file.

I just don’t know what “mark as changed” is doing because, at least for me, it does not publish all files. I don’t know how in the world it would know what to export with a “manual” marking but it sure isnt’ all associated page files.

Thanks for the reply jabostick!

More info about “mark as changed.”

When I “mark as changed” and export a total of 8 files is exported to the local folder and the html file itself is not exported.

When I “export site” the same folder for the test page contains 16 files plus “test.html” is obviously exported also.

So I just don’t see te “use” or “purpose” of “mark as changed” if not all files are output…

And yet more info…
I tried “File” > “Mark all pages and resources changed” and exported… that didn’t work either though one additional file was exported. The folder was still short 5 files when compared to “export site”.

anyone… please? Does “mark as changed” work for you?

We’re looking into this and will make sure there is a way to re-publish all files for a single page in RW 7.1 (due out later this month).

Stay tuned!


Thank you Dan. As info, Brian LaPan indicated to me that “mark as changed” works for him “and most people” and so I am really confused as it seems to me that “smart publishing” overrides “mark as changed.” He and talked via forum PM. I guess I’ll just wait for 7.1 and see what happens?