Options for extracontent values, Multithemes Laxis and others?

Question: If I use the (Laxis) included Extracontent stack (which just says it’s a third party Foundation stack) I can change the behavior by changing the “extracontent value”. I used the examples, and think that what it meant is values 1, 2, and 3 have predefined behavior (3 is accordion style, for example). Are only those three values are pre-defined in the theme? Or are there additional values? I couldn’t google anything up. I am guessing that these three options are all that’s ready to wear, and that if I want something different I need to use snippets or code by hand, with the additional parameters on the SEY.FOSS site? I figure most themes implement this in a similar way and it’s not something unique to Multithemes.

I have been using the Multithemes Laxis theme to redo the org’s website (www.wikibeaks.org) and I love it. I was killing myself trying to come up with a decent design, and this theme includes many of the features that were on my wish list. It also came with a demo project and a PDF reference file, and I’ve been able to figure most things out from that.

The amount of EC areas are determined by the themne. It looks like Laxis comes with just the 3 extra content areas.

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