Options for extracontent values, Multithemes Laxis and others?

(Karen) #1

Question: If I use the (Laxis) included Extracontent stack (which just says it’s a third party Foundation stack) I can change the behavior by changing the “extracontent value”. I used the examples, and think that what it meant is values 1, 2, and 3 have predefined behavior (3 is accordion style, for example). Are only those three values are pre-defined in the theme? Or are there additional values? I couldn’t google anything up. I am guessing that these three options are all that’s ready to wear, and that if I want something different I need to use snippets or code by hand, with the additional parameters on the SEY.FOSS site? I figure most themes implement this in a similar way and it’s not something unique to Multithemes.

I have been using the Multithemes Laxis theme to redo the org’s website (www.wikibeaks.org) and I love it. I was killing myself trying to come up with a decent design, and this theme includes many of the features that were on my wish list. It also came with a demo project and a PDF reference file, and I’ve been able to figure most things out from that.

(Jason Bostick) #2

The amount of EC areas are determined by the themne. It looks like Laxis comes with just the 3 extra content areas.

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