Unable to install themes after Catalina

After upgrading my OS to Catalina my 3rd party themes were no longer active. When I tried to install them I got this cryptic message about permissions for webfonts and “CuprumFFU”. The attached screenshot relates to the theme Laxis from Multithemes, but I get the same message with others from different developers as well. Can anyone shed light on what is going on here? I am the sole user of my Mac and have Administrator privileges.

Verify the addons folder setting in side of the RW prefs?

This is what I get:

/Users/dzk/Library/Group Containers/P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Library/Application Support/Addons

In preferences it shows Add On Locations as “managed by Rapidweaver”. That path seems pretty arcane to me. Why would they put add ons into such a deeply nested folder? Most other major apps don’t go any deeper than /usr/Library/Application Support/whatever.

Since I’ve gone up to Catalina I don’t even know whether your app Stacks works either, since I can’t get the site I was working on to open with the theme I originally used with it. This “upgrade” has broken so many things. Shame on Apple.

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