Orbit Slider Picture Size Difference Despite Being the Same Height Help

Hello. I am using RW7, with YuzoolThemes - Split. I have an Orbit Stack for a header slider. The images are all sized the same in RW and will display as all one height on full width on the computer and only very slight variation on the iPad. But on my iPhone 6+ the images are not the same size.

Is there anything I can do for this?


@mariettamidwife This is happening because your images are the same height, but different widths. On screens wider than your widest image, the wider ones are able to spill out horizontally, while retaining the same height. But as the screen gets narrower than the widest images, to display all you images in full without cropping off the sides, they can no longer all fit in the same height area. There is no possible way to have images of unequal aspect ratios fit in the same space as the smallest image. You must make all you images the same aspect ratio if you want to avoid this on small screens. Unless Orbit has an option to crop in this situation, but I don’t have the stack I am afraid to check.


Oh. Ok Thank you for answering! I will go crop them all.