Ordered List Not Working As Expected

R/W ver 7.5.6
Voyager Theme

I am trying to construct a page with a decimal ordered list of 749 members of our organization. Each entry is of variable length and number of lines and it contains embedded links to email address and links to other content. This list has been carefully built in a word processor taking great care to only use cr/lf for each new individual.
When I cut and paste this document into the Styled Text page and add the Ordered List function using the R/W controls, it looks great in the Edit screen but when I switch to Preview, the displayed sequence shows 1 thru 10, then goes back to 1, then again to 1 thru 24, then 1 thru 6 and so on till the end.
If I do the Ordered List in the word processor before copying and pasting to R/W, I get the same results as above.
I also tried the trial version of the Lister stack but that did not work either and I am reluctant to buy it if it will not work for me.
I am very new to the RapidWeaver experience having only worked with iWeb in the past.
This particular page was handled effortlessly in iWeb.
Am I attempting something that is just not possible with R/W?
Unfortunately, I do not yet subscribe to a host service as I wish to have something close to a working prototype before I sign up for a host.

You can’t cut and paste text from a word processor, it adds hidden markers that don’t work in html. You need to paste it as plain text, then style it in RW.

There are several threads here about pasting as plain text.

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As Scott points out you can’t just paste into an HTML document from a word processor.
You can copy and then paste as plain text cmd+opt+v.

There are then a number of styling options with RapidWeaver. Lister would work if the input is in an acceptable format for a list.

I would try to avoid entering text in the future with a word processor.

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@Cuber You likely want to create your list in Markdown. Markdown is a very simple language. Super simple. If you have something like Bear Notes then you already have markdown capability. (RW also does markdown but with such a long detailed list I wouldn’t want to do all my writing within RW.)

Lister works fantastically well. It works especially well with markdown lists. You also need to use the markdown format for URLs and the such.

You can even type markdown in something like TextEdit.

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