Outdated add-ons, Bug Sur

New machine; macOS 11.1

Although I’ve moved the files shown in this screengrab to a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver and zipped it so that - by my reckoning - none of these should appear as failing when I launch RW 8.7, I’m still seeing the message.

Where could that be from, please?


In the location you mention I also find RW related plugins BUT if I launch RW 8.7 and select the option to Reveal in Finder (via Preferences) I get a different location in ~Library/Group Containers/random letters.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver.

Maybe worth a look in your Group Containers folder?

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Good thinking, Paul; thanks!

I did find one and put it in the removed folder, which I then re-zipped.

Nothing else at all, though!

I then looked throughout my ~/Library - e.g. Containers. Nothing.

Then I searched with Spotlight for each of the rest in turn.


RW still thinks it has access to nine plugins, none of which is on my hard drive!

I did use Migration Assistant to bring my Account over from my old machine.

Could there be a Plist somewhere which is tricking RW?

Might be worth asking @yabdab about the two 'Loom plugins?

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Dateloom and Payloom have not been developed or sold for several years now.

Neither will work on systems higher than 10.14

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Thanks, Mike!

That’s what I thought. So the obvious thing for me to do was what (I think!) I have: removed both those (and all the others which persist on showing up when I launch RW) from ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver, where I have all my addons (which RW otherwise recognizes as I’d expect).

Definitely not there - nor apparently (according to Spotlight) on this Mac at all.

How could RW nevertheless be warning me about them?


To my knowledge,
There is no plist or anything that RapidWeaver uses to keep track of plugins.

It is simply the location (that you can set) for the plugins folder. It then “Builds” the plugins on the fly at launch. If you disable a plugin, it moves the plugin to a folder called Plugins Disabled.
So what I suspect is RW is pointing to a different location than you think for the addons folder.

If you close RW down and reopen with the option key, you can disable all 3rd party plugins and get RW launched. Then I’d go to the addons manager and Reveal in Finder and check what is there.


Hello Doug; thanks so much for your detailed and helpful reply!

I wasn’t aware of Option+launch. I did just what you suggested, though.

The attached graphic (which I grabbed by positioning the other windows next to/to the right of my OP here above with that list) says it all, alas :frowning: .

I sorted everything in the directory which RW is pointing to according to ‘Reveal in Finder’.

‘L’ (for LockDown) and ‘M’ (for MetaMate) are in view in the list of files. They’re just not there.

I did look in ‘Plugins Disabled’: nothing!

How odd!

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