OwnCloud and Rapidweaver

Has anyone incorporated OwnCloud into their sites?
If so, how? Links to the site would be appreciated.

What part of OwnCloud would you be looking to incorporate into a website?

I don’t have it, but my understanding is a kind of like a Dropbox or OneDrive Alternative but self hosted isn’t it?

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Yes, it’s like a Dropbox but you can host it on your server. That’s the option I’m exploring.

But I’m still not clear on what part you want to put in a live website? I thought it’s more of an app than a website.

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Apparently it uses php to put a database on your server. It allows you to function similar to dropbox (local file access) and login for users.

From the Doc and installation instructions, it’s more than just PHP and a database.

At minimum your going to need command line access to the web server. That would require you to have a VPS server, probably with root level access. A fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 with SSH enabled. You’ll need to install Linux packages and configure a Virtual host, Apache, and a database.

Looks a little easier if your host supports Docker. But still a lot of command line stuff.

Then you have to look at ongoing administration effort.

I’m not saying it’s an inferior product, in fact it’s I’d say it’s pretty slick looking.
But it really isn’t for the faint-hearted, and requires access and comfort with Linux command lines.
Plus, there is no way I can see how you would incorporate into your website.

But the question still is: WHAT do you want to achieve? it’s a desktop file sharing solution. What exactly do you want to integrate in a website? Do you want to publish files via the web?

If you are using one of my themes or stacks, then this guide I wrote a few years back is still relevant:

For example, you can use ownCloud for website collaborators to share content with you or link to uploaded files in my slideshow, gallery or lightbox stacks.

I have used OwnCloud many times in the past. It is a good alternative if you have concerns about privacy or file ownership, and you prefer to keep everything “in house” on your own server.

It is my experience that some web hosting companies block OwnCloud, because they argue it is in breach of their terms of service (file storage / retrieval is disliked by some). But if you’re with a better hosting company like @barchard Chillidog Hosting, then there is really no problem with it (the disk space and bandwidth it uses just counts towards your normal monthly quota).

There are a great many inventive ways you can use OwnCloud in conjunction with RapidWeaver. I’m a little surprised this discussion has received such a cold response. It is easy to install and the mobile apps are great.


I’m looking to put a file sharing option on my site for my clients. I don’t want to do wetransfer.com everytime I send large audio files. I’d like to be able to establish a system that incorporates my site, is secure, easy for client and provides a couple features like email notifications and the like.
I was thinking about pulling the trigger on Repository but want to explore the OwnCloud options as a lot of people like it’s functionality and the price is right.

@zamboknee Let us know how you get on with OwnCloud. I looked into it at some point in the past but I found Repository much more to my liking. Repo is easy to set up, easy to have multiple users, and has all the key features I want (including one click downloads of a complete folder of items).

Time is precious to me … so paying for the stack was my “price is right” for Repository. Looking over the OwnCloud documents it was still not clear to me how well it would meet my needs. So the time sink regarding exploring OwnCloud was not worth it to me and I have a “solution” that’s super simple to set up with each new website. Less than 5 minutes each time.


Does Repository allow you to customize the user access page so that it fits with the rest of the site? Use your own logo?

That’s relative. To which extend?

Yes, that’s possible.

so that it fits

As in it fits with the color scheme /overall asthetic

@zamboknee Yes, it can generally “fit”. The details are important here. Repository 2 has some great new features: one of which is more control over look & feel. I believe there are some themes you can use with it (not RW themes, but Bootstrap ones). However, I purposely want this page to look a bit different from others: it’s a reminder to users that they are in a special “place” on the website. The key thing for me is the menu/header area is structured exactly the same way as other pages (it looks a bit different, but is the same). For more specific questions you’ll need to ask @instacks .

For me a key new addition in Repository 2 is I can add my own content before and after the actual repository storage area. This allows me to put in reminders about how to use this area for my students/clients: so it’s very helpful.

Two screenshots below show my course website home page and the Repo page. They look a bit different: but that’s an advantage to me. However, if I wanted to I could make it all look much more similar. There look to be some “false” differences due to the 2 screenshots being taken at different scales.


Thanks @Mathew

I am currently in the process of releasing Blankstrap 5.1, with support and updated documentation about how to:

  • create your own themes with online site builders
  • dark mode support
  • additional possibility to change basic things like background and text colours.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I’ve successfully installed OwnCloud on my server and am able to login.
However, the problem I’m running into is I’m not able to embed the login page on my rapidweaver project via an embed stack like Will’s ‘Embed.’
I posted somewhere about this (Weavers Space community?) and they theorized that OwnCloud won’t let you embed using iframe unless you tell OwnCloud that it’s okay.
I COULD just create a page that immediately points to the login site but I want to have the header there for navigation purposes.

Are you running the OwnCLoud on the same domain as the iFrame?

Looks like the x-Frame-Options for the login page(link above) is set to SAMEORGIN.

Do you have a link to a page with the iFrame you attempted?

I don’t know much about OwnCLoud but there looks to be some settings that will change the CSP to allow iFrames:
- xframe restriction configurable now · owncloud/core@03aa86d · GitHub

I THINK I got it.
Based on your (@teefers ) mention of the ‘X-frame options…SAMEORIGIN’ I noticed that my Page (the one where I want the ownlcoud embedded, had the same name as the owncloud link (ie, ‘Client’). So, I changed the folder name for the page to ‘ClientFiles,’ and it seems to be working now.
Now I just gotta fix that header!
Thanks for your input.
Aside from this (which was my fault) the OwnCloud install has been pretty easy. I’ll check back once I get things ‘buttoned up’ the way I want it to and use it with a client.

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