Rapidweaver Multi-User edition?

(LJ) #1

Wondering how much appetitive there might be for the fine chaps at RealMac to produce a cloud-hosted, multi-user version of RapidWeaver? Is it even feasible?

(Ricardo Ruggiero) #2

Oh god, no! :scream: No cloud hosting please!

That would be the worst thing in my view that could happen to RapidWeaver.

Right now I can work in any environment and only connect to the internet when I need to publish. And that is one of the features I love the most in RapidWeaver.

Multi-user version licenses is on the other hand is ok.

(LJ) #3

What I’m interested in is better ability for a small, remote team to access Rapidweaver projects. At present you have to be so careful not to open a project stored remotely at the same time as someone else and the risk of file corruption is too high. It’s a weakness compared to sharing access to WordPress or WebFlow projects.

(Doug Bennett) #4

If what you are looking for is the ability for multiple people to be able to work on the same project file at the same time, I think that would be a major rewrite of RapidWeaver. WordPress (and I guess WebFlow) being website hosted and database driven are designed for this kind of access.

RapidWeaver was designed to be a Mac Application, with projects built to run on a single Mac. The project file (actually a special folder called a package) is pretty complex. Even to try and integrate version control like git would be a lot of work.

I just don’t see it happening.

(LJ) #5

I suspect you’re correct but thought I’d chuck it out there.