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does anyone in forum tried to implement payments on Polish market on RW site? I see great solutions form PayPal and Stripe here, but Polish customers are used to pay by local solutions (BLIK or pay-by-link with bank accounts).

I plan a booking site, where customers will be booking consultation and flow should take them from booking to payments.

any experience or clue how to approach this area?
(I put this post to stack section, as I thing here is the biggest match and answer probability :smile: )


I’ve not built an online booking system in RapidWeaver before… but I’m sure someone here has!

Have you looked at RapidCart Pro or Ecwid?

It might be better to use an online booking system and embed it into your RapidWeaver site, that’s probably the route I’d go down.


Stripe supports differnt local payment methods, in some cases, you have to activate them first in your Stripe account. For Poland, Stripe offers a gateway to Przelewy24 (link to the documentation), does this help?


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Ecwid offers these payment gateways for Poland

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Sound like a good idea. Thanks!!!

Yes!. Przelewy24 is good vendor in Poland. Thank you!!!

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