Problems with gallery page layout

I’m using @nickcates brilliant Photo stack but something has gone wrong. The published page looks as it should, with the images separated into categories.

The next screenshot taken from my RW preview of the same page but with new images and a little tweaking, shows all the images in one block. Have been through both pages but can find no difference in edit mode.

Help please.

For each photo group in a gallery collection, you want to only have a 1 image that is not hidden and is set as the “Link”, all other images in the group should be set as “Hide”. Hope this answer helps.

Thanks Nick @nickcates.
That’s sorted, I’ve done all that. My problem is that, on the published page, the bronze images are under bronze subheading and the wood image(s) is under the wood subheading. This is how I want the page to look, however… On the screenshot shown above they are all grouped together with the other subheadings below. I can’t find anything that’s different in the settings. I must be missing something — probably something very simple.

Sounds like your labeling everything correctly. If RW preview looks correct, and published does not, then you can try File > Re-Publish All Files. Otherwise the best way for me to help from here would be to send me your project file. You can use to send me large RW project files. After sharing, WeTransfer will provide you a download link, please attach that link in this thread. Thanks.

Ok Nick @nickcates, thanks. I think I’ve done this right, never used WeTransfer before. Here’s the link
There are two site files. The one labeled ‘website’ is the published site and is how I want it to look. The one labeled ‘bronze site’ is the project file, in which the gallery page has gone wrong.

Thanks for your help on this.

Ok, found the issue, and really it’s more a limitation of Photo itself. Photo can only have 1 gallery collection on a page. All linked thumbnails for a collection will try to group together in single Target group. It appears you’re wanting to have 2 or more gallery collections on the same page, and Photo doesn’t support this unfortunately.

Me too, I’d like to have more than one gallery collection on a single page :smiley:

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@Nick and Steve
I may misunderstand the problem, but I do have 4 galleries on a page, using Photo and linking to the galleries via 1 image/gallery. tab “portfolio”.

@Oos Hi, It’s not a problem of a number of galleries on a page. The problem is having different collections of galleries on that page. For example, one group for bronze sculptures, one for wood, etc… Thanks for the input.

Thanks Nick @nickcates.
Appreciate the limitations of Photo that you describe, and thanks for your time working out the problem. How about working out a way to do this on your next update?:wink: You already have two of us (me & @juebai) who would appreciate the ability to have different collections of thumbnails on the same page. Can’t be difficult for a man of your talents!:grinning:

One thing does intrigue me is, why does it work as I want it to on the published site?

Thanks for your help over this. I guess that, until you manage to develop a solution, I will have to have the different collections on different pages. Which is a shame as that complication is what I wanted to get rid of with the revamped website. Hey ho.

The reason Photo appears to work on the published site, is (I believe) because you have only 1 visible photo triggering a hidden group. When you start to add 2 or more, you’ll see the visible thumbnails aren’t grouped like a gallery collection would be.

I’ve now made note to work on multiple gallery collections on the same page. To be clear, this is complex stuff, just to have gallery collections at all was a big deal. Photo took 1 year to make, and there’s a strong reason why other photo gallery options out there do not group images in collections like Photo does. All that said, I’ll see what can be done :slight_smile:

And Nick, while you’re at it, can you give me the winning numbers for this week’s Powerball lottery? The jackpot is up to $750 million, and I think the drawing is tonight. I’ll split it with you if you’re nice. Thanks.

Ha, I’m nice, here you go Dave: 5 / 19 / 57 / 63 / 37 / 1

Thanks again for your response Nick @nickcates. Much appreciated.
Yes, the thumbnails all group together when I add more than the one on a different part of the page.

I appreciate it’s complex and why none of the other photo galleries do it. Thanks for even thinking about multiple galleries on a page. :smiley: I won’t hold my breath!

With Gallery Stack and its Single Image Thumbnails Grid, you are able to reach the same goal :+1::wink:

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@instacks What, have multiple collections of galleries on a page separated by text?

Not to take away from Nick and I am not familiar with his photo stack, but I use multiple galleries on a page a lot. I use It lets me use relative paths to folders of images I set up on my server.


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