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I finally got my site up and working in RW 8. However, some photos look better than others. All my banner photos look great except the Guitar Method and Contact pages. These two are distorted and cut off part of the picture.

Any suggestions how to avoid this? Thanks.

Your link is not working.
Anyway. You might investigate this.

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More than likely, all you need to do is make sure you crop your images in the proper perspective to how you are displaying them.

I need to learn what banner size RW prefers. I see nothing in the manual or anywhere else this is explained. Also, I’d prefer to actually name my site pages as opposed to

How is this accomplished? Thanks.

To name your site pages, you’ll need to change the Folder name in the General Setting of the Inspector (right hand side). You can also enable “Tidy Website Links” in the Advanced settings (left hand side). That would remove /index.html or index.php from the URL. That would leave you with, where you choose the foldername.

For banner sizes I generally go with 1800x500/600, but I always test to see what it looks like and make adjustments if needed.

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Does this help?


What folder name should be used? Do I need one folder for each page? Or can there be one folder name, like Page titles, for example, and then simply name the pages directly from this? Thank you.

You can use any folder name you’d like. I would not use spaces or special characters. Most people use “-” instead of spaces.

I would turn on “tidy links”, as Neil suggested, and have a unique (and descriptive) folder name for each page. While you could use one folder name and then have unique filenames for pages in that folder, most websites are moving away from that site layout.

Leave the filename as index.html (or .php), if using unique folder names with tidy links.

Your url’s will be:

And if you have sub-pages, they would be:

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I managed to rename all the pages. However, RW now has the pages named in a messy fashion- lIke this

Private Instruction | Guitar Made Simpler

Private Instruction | Guitar Made Simpler

I would love to simply have it say -

How can that be done? Thank you.

Could you post a screenshot of the folder settings for the page you linked to?

Here you go. Inline image

First, I think you missed this:

I would also only use lowercase in the folder name.

Edit: Upper/lower and spaces are fine in the Browser Title. I’m just talking about the Folder field.

It should look like this if you want a page called “Private Instruction”.


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