Php in Monterey, is it missing or not?

I was very worried about Monterey missing .php, because I have a few pages.php containing the FlexTable stack, one of them to import a .csv file. But I have upgraded to Monterey and the FlexTable stack seems to work ok locally, displaying the .csv data as it should. Did I make some confusion or have I misunderstood something?

@Almidano Someone else can answer this better than me … but I have no idea why Monterey would lead to PHP not working on your websites. So I’m guessing you had some confusion. Perhaps Monterey impacts the preview a bit (though I’ve not noticed that either) but it surely won’t impact publishing.

Well, I read about it in several posts here and in many places on the Web

Since then, RapidWeaver now ships with PHP 7.4. It no longer relies on the OS.


Also that post was from June … before Monterey was officially released. Why folks expect all their software to work perfectly with betas? I have no freakin idea. But it’s a misguided idea. As Joe noted … RW developed a fix/solution before Monterey was officially released.


Oh, I was exactly waiting to see this piece of information in the forums. I searched and searched: evidently I missed it

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