Php server questions

I am building a website for a friend who created a playing card game. However, his brother in law can host the site but he can’t host a PHP site only
He can only host .NET based web applications on his server.

Are sites that are created in RapidWeaver only PHP? Or do you think that it could work on his server? I did purchase the theme from:

I did reach out to the theme’s creator as well.

He did say that In that case the site would be hosted on a different server He can point the domain to that server.


By default RW creates static HTML code, where the page is named eg index.html. This code should work also on the .NET server.

Certain inbuilt plugins (like the contact form) require PHP, which result in the page name eg index.php.
If you use the 3rd party Stacks plugin, there are certain stack addons on top of that also requiring PHP.
These pages most probably won’t work on the .NET server, if you didn’t install there a PHP execution module.

I am not sure how to get the .NET card game running inside a RW page, I am not familiar with this unfortunately.

At least it isn’t a theme question, all themes will behave the same way.


It’s extremely uncommon to have a webserver with no PHP, although I’m pretty sure you don’t need it for .net.

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