RW 5.3.2 and PHP

So I am using rw5 and just got Rapidcart 3 for my online store. If I want to do a coupon code I have to use PHP5+. My hosting company does do PHP 5.5 but I have no clue how to set things up in RW. On the back end of my hosting company’s control pannel I have to put in a user name and password but don’t know where to set this up in RW. Anyone have knowledge about this? I am new to all this

If php is running on your webserver you don’t really have to do anything else (php wise). Put what ever Rapidcart3 code is necessary in your web page and publish it as a php page. (make sure you delete the .html page from your host)

So my web host has a specific link for my PHP That’s what has me so confused. I make holsters for guns. Rapid Cart3 has a feature where you can offer a coupon code to specific groups. I want to offer 20% discount to law enforcement when they check out and use a code only they know about. That is what I am trying to accomplish here.

The link for your php on the host (if it’s like most) is just so you can select features/versions of php to run on your server.
Have you actually tried putting the rapid cart code on your page and running it? Are you getting an error?

Swilliam where do I go to do that? I have taken one of our cart pages and set up the coupon code. I just don’t know what to do to change things to php from a set up stand point. I am new to all this.

You name the file in page inspector.
If you published the page before as a .htm you will need to delete it from your host using your ftp program or the host file manager else the html page will load instead of the new php page.

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Sweet that got it working Thank You!