Please Help - Files won't load on internet after loading them all on FTP

I am so incredibly frustrated - i have wasted so much time - I have the new rapid weaver 6.8 and my files wouldn’t publish so I went down to 6.3.4 and still nothing so I uploaded the files to an FTP site and they all loaded but the site has not appeared on the internet with the excpetion of a few words

Answered your query on the other thread… your publishing path is wrong and your SFTP port should be :22 as per my instructions and those of DreamHost Wiki…


When publishing using SFTP, you’ll automatically use port 22. Note that it’s not enough to simply use FTP on port 22, if your hosting setup requires SFTP.


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I switched the site to ftp and it still will not load - some elements are online as you can see but it looks like the Split theme is missing

@janeharrison Please see your very similar post, link below.


Yes, that is me - I have been working on this issue for a few days - Ive tried a lot of differnt things including changing the server from sftp to ftp and changing the theme just to test it. I’m not sure what you mean by similiar though???

The answer is, you should be publishing your Site into the PUBLIC_HTML folder


I already tried that

Believe me - I tried that the first day = this is day three - I have an issue here that isnt just an easy fix

and the RW_COMMON folder should also be inside the PUBLIC_HTML folder, it isnt in your screenshot in your similar post


It is now (attached screenshot per request on similar post - Split theme is missing on iste) - all the files are in the public_html folder - but that didn’t solve the problem unfortunately

Hi Jane

I’ve replied to your email about this. I believe that your “Path” in RapidWeaver should be “”. If you change that, and then “Re-Publish All Files” you should be all sorted.



Resolved in associated thread :wink:


SOLVED - the correct path for dreamhost is home/user/

thank you

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