Please review my site

I have just updated a clients site from Dreamweaver and would like some feedback on it please before it goes “live”.

There are still a few bits and pieces to add, mainly PDFs in the Meetings & Agendas section.

The site can be found here:

Updated Site

Thanks to all those people (developers and members on here) who aided me with my silly questions :slight_smile:

Thanks in anticipation.


looks good what is the over all size of the image holding hands that loads. can it be made smaller to load faster.

Thanks for the input Scott. I’ve resized the holding hands image. As you said, it loads quite a bit quicker now.

Looks good. I had a look at this first on my iphone. On mobile, when you’re scrolling up or down, you can get the names from the magicgellan dots popping up. I assume this is the hover effect from the menu but it just looks a little odd to have the dots jumping all around when I’m just scrolling.

I’m not super familiar with your menu settings but I wonder if you could turn off the hover effects on mobile maybe? I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

Well done on the site, though!

Thanks for the comments jabostick. I have shrunk the MagicGellan Dots to 70%, which looks OK to me on my iPhone. I’ve also shrunk the cross logo at the top of the page as well.

By the looks of it, it doesn’t look as though one can turn the MagicGellen Dots off for mobiles, though stand corrected if you can.

Yeah the dots look fine (and I don’t mean to turn the dots off entirely).

As an example (in case I’m not explaining myself well). If you are near the top (say the About Us section) and you scroll down with your finger on the left side of the screen (away from the dots), it will scroll as normal and the blue/active dot will follow you along.

However, if you scroll with your finger on the right side, close to the dots, wherever my finger first taps to start the scroll motion, that dot gets highlighted in white and the text of that section pops up (and it stays highlighted for me when my finger comes off). It’s probably not a big deal but it could possibly confuse the user as to what section they’re in.

*Disclaimers: 1) I’m on a iPhone 6Plus, which seem to be a weird in-between sized screen and probably aren’t the best testing devices. 2) This is admittedly a ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’ piece of feedback. I’m sure a typical user will be able to know where they are on your ‘dot’ timeline. Just something I noticed.

@mike_hamilton Come on this is one of my stacks of course there is a setting for that :slight_smile:

The very first setting in the MagicDots stack is “Show Between” where you can specify lower and upper breakpoints between which the dots are shown.

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Ha ha Tav :slight_smile:
OK, I’ve set the dots showing breakpoint from 1050 to 9999. So they don’t now show on an iPhone.
I hope this helps / works?

One other consideration - in the Who We Are section it needs to scroll quite a ways because of the narrow space to fit the text in when on mobile. If you put the President pic as a floating image (in Tav’s Paragraph Pro stack), it might make better use of the screen real estate.

I like the site, and the use of the Big White Duck Sections stack works very well.

My only comment is that the top bar navigation needs more thought regarding colour choice. Blue on black doesn’t make it easy on the eye afa selection is concerned. Of course, you may be tied to that colour scheme, in which case ignore my comments, after all, the navigation does work very well.

Hi jabostick, I’ve done as you suggested. How does it look now?

Hi grajay, Thank you. Any ideas as to the colour scheme. I’m only really tied into the logo colours, blue and white.

Hi Mike. You could always try a pale blue rather than the deep blue you are currently using.

Hh grajay, I’ve changed the menu colour. Is that any better?

It’s certainly better Mike. If it were my site I’d be making the blue an even lighter blue, but that’s just me. Perhaps you might consider making the top bar black rather than grey?

Looks really good Mike!. Good work

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a`ll done (I think) :slight_smile: Thanks for the input.


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Just the job Mike - a lot clearer i think.

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