Pneumonia is no fun

Hey guys Isaiah here,

TL;DR: So… I caught pneumonia…

If you have questions about Stacks or any of our other plugins, please send them to – Christi is still answering email like usual and can help out in all but the most technical issues.

OK, here’s the longer version…

My son came down with mono (glandular fever) and pneumonia (simultaneously – OMG – even our family doctor was flummoxed) – anyway, after 3-weeks at home with him, nursing his relentless fever, I caught pneumonia too. Thankfully I’ve already had mono so I can’t get that again.

Even though I was able to get treated quickly, and the antibiotics were very effective, I was still pretty sick there for a few days. I am getting better – but very very slowly. I’ll definitely be out of commission for the remainder of the week. And probably half-days working from bed for a while after that.

If Christi isn’t able to help, or you need immediate advice, please lean on the forum, the great stack developers, the videos, FAQs, and the many other resources around the community – there really are a ton.

If you’re a forum regular, please do me a favor and show people this post or help them find the resources they need.

If you do send me email or private messages, it may be a little while before I can get back to you. My inbox is currently sitting at around 1200 – I’ll start chipping away at in a few days.

Thanks for understanding. And keep on weaving and stacking while I’m away,



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Get well soon Isaiah!

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Get well soon!

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I hope you’ll get well very soon, Isaiah. :sneezing_face:

I know you’re taking your business very seriously, but relaxation and getting in touch with nature is at least as important. If you spend more time in nature and less in front of your computer, you’ll help your immune system fight illnesses.

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Get well soon Mate

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Get well soon Isaiah!

Get well soon Isaiah, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Get well soon.

Best wishes for a quick recovery! :wink:

Dude, your work now dominates my life, for weeks now I’ve done nothing but work with Stacks, people’s stacks, lots of stacks, in RW of course… I’ve had pneumonia 4 times in this life, I think you are probably about over it now, just wanted to say your work rocks… I’m grateful to you for making this journey possible, that other developers can make things that go into your Stacks product, truly ingenious, RW and you Rocked It, then all the other add on developers rock your work. Rock on.

Sorry to hear your Son and you are sick Isaiah.

I’ve had Pneumonia and it’s certainly not pleasant fighting for breath.

Hope you both get well very soon!

i’m afraid i was not able to bounce back as quickly as i hoped.

earlier this week i finally went to the ER and spent a few days in the hospital. multifocal bilateral pneumonia and sepsis. i was pretty sick.

i’m out now but still only able to sit up in bed for a few minute at a time. so i’m afraid i have to ask folks to lean on the large RapidWeaver and Stacks community. christi continues to answer support (as well as working full time, taking care of our son who is also recovering from pneumonia and nursing me back to health). bug fixes and updates will be on hiatus for a little bit. the doctor says recovery from this sort of thing usually takes about a month, but hopefully i’ll get bored and start writing a little code a bit sooner than that. but it’s probably wisest not to try to guess when that will be.

thanks for all the well wishes.
and please send a thank you to for keeping me alive.


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Man that does sound super nasty! Take plenty of rest and feel better soon!

Don’t push it, please. Nothing worse than going back to work before you’re really ready and then relapsing. Best of luck.

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Dear Isaiah, we all know your high sense of responsibility and dedication to work. However, at this moment the priority is your recovery, for the benefit of your health and spiritual tranquility of those who love you. With all certainty you will have the possibility to recover what at this moment you must postpone. Our best wishes.

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What @peppermint said :100:!

Now get back to resting! :wink:

Sorry to hear that, Isaiah. Take it easy and do something really undemanding like reading thrillers or watching daytime TV!


Get well soon.
Best wishes.