Thank you to Henkvrieselaar and Joeworkman


I wanted to give you a public thank you for attempting to solve the issueI had with Impact stack @joeworkman with your theme. You spent countless hours attempting to solve the issue and even though it wasn’t solved, you took the time to try to see what the issue was and worked with me to solve the issue I was having.

I look at all the things on the forum here and I have to say this. If a developer takes the time to help me such as @henkvrieselaar and @joeworkman then you will have my repeat business.

Joe pointed me to the cause and henk attempted to fix the cause.

Here are some things that I have learned when working with RW that I think people need to realize.

All themes are built around certain products, All products are built around certain themes. Developers have their products they build their themes around, and those of you who have been around longer than I can contest to this.

Some tips for new people who build sites such as me. Research and ask if there are any themes etc that the developer’s program will not work with effectively. For example I purchased a program that was designed for bootstrap however I am attempting to use a program that was built for foundation. They don’t always mesh.

So contact the developer prior to making a purchase and make sure it will do what you want with the theme you have. Otherwise you will be spinning and start trash talking the developers but in reality it is you who did not do your home work.

Think of it this way. You buy a Ford Focus and expect it to pull a trailer to hull a 28 ft. boat. You should have bought a F250 to pull the boat not a ford focus. so instead of blaming yourself for your poor choice you blame ford for the focus not pulling the boat. Ask questions prior to your purchase these developers can only do so much. Give them all the information and become a informed buyer.


Thank you for your nice comments, Gary