Poster 2 ruins my footer links alignment

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to add a Blog feature to a website I’m building using Poster 2. The website was designed using Foundation. On all my other pages, the links stay aligned to the left for medium and large devices, but on the page with the Poster 2 stacks they align center no matter what I do. Only if I remove the Poster 2 stacks do the links return to their proper alignment.

What can I do to make the links align left? Is there a setting in Poster 2 that overrides my settings that I can change?

I see the CSS that’s causing the text to align center, but I don’t know the specific stack/setting that’s causing it. Did you contact Jannis over at @instacks so he can take a look? He might know off the top of his head just by looking at the page source since he’s the developer of Poster 2.

Aside from that you’d likely need to send the project file to either him, or us (preferably him since Poster 2 is his baby), so one of us could go through the stack settings and see if we could spot anything that might be overriding your desired text alignment.

@Daria please send me a support email at inStacks Software | Contact

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