Theme change not publishing

I have an issue where the theme I am using (Nick Cates ‘Strata’) is conflicting with a stack I am using (Yuzool’s ‘Collect’).

As the Collect stack is on a private client page this is not a problem - I can simply use a different theme on that page - my client doesn’t care that it looks different.

The frustrating issue is that RW6 simply won’t publish the changed theme for 1 page. It’s not a browser cache issue as I have cleared history and used a different browser. It previews with the new theme, but after several publishings, it still shows the Strata theme.

Workaround is to delete the project from the server and start again but this is a pain because a) I want to test the page with several themes and b) there are manually inserted folders which then disappear and have to be added again.

Why is RW doing this?

Try Republish All Files.

Make sure you don’t have duplicate index pages on your server. If there’s a php version and an html version, the html will always take priority.

Since Rapidweaver is non-destructive when it comes to site changes (it only changes or adds files), if you’re still having trouble maybe ftp into your site folder and move everything into another folder (name it oldsite or whatever) and then publish a fresh version of everything and see how that looks.

Just a few ideas.

did all this anyway - only answer was to delete everything via ftp and publish afresh. Now seems to be fine - after 2 complete wipes!