Printing am Armadillo page

Hi folks. Am using an armadillo stack to create articles. My client wants his readers to be able to print out articles. When printing, only a small portion of the article prints out. Ideas??? Thank you


Please would you give some examples… a URL, screenshots of the page(s) in question, and the stack in use so that we can see what is where?

Thanks, and good luck!

Thank you Mark for replying. The page is on a test site. Go to the real article with the long title (3rd one down, I believe). Click on the title or the “read more”. That will take you to the page with the actual article. Since the author’s articles are long, there needs to be an option for the reader to print them out. On the page with the article, when I go to print, all I get is a couple of paragraphs, then empty pages, except for the nav bar.

Please note the page …url … with the article will change with each article, and I can not reach those pages to put the “print me” stack on it. (fyi all pages are stacks based on a blank theme).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Even an idea how my client can place a pdf of each article himself (cms)

Thank you!


Thanks for such specific instruction, Shari!

I tried with the fourth article here.

When - in Safari 13.0.3 on 10.14.6 - I went to File > Print, I was able to print out all ten pages.

Could your phenomenon be browser-specific?

Thanks much Mark!! I will check the settings for Firefox printing. You’re right! It was firefox settings. I checked the site in Chrome and able to print entire article.

thanks again for helping. Your help solved the problem.


So glad you’ve fixed it, Shari!

Well done; and good luck :slight_smile:

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