Problem with image-link

I have a problem to add a link to a GIF-image - it dosen’t work with RW 6.3.4 and Stack3.
When I insert a JPEG-image in an image stack - no problem to add a link. Why?
Before RW 6.3.4 or Stack3 it works perfect.


It’s hard to imagine any explanation for that, other than a mistake in the link. Are you sure there isn’t a difference in, say capitalisation?

@stefan – Also, check for any illegal characters or spaces in the name of your gif file.

Here is a screenshot from a test-project with 3 images: jpg, png and gif
And you can find the testproject here: testproject download
A double-click on JPG picture (position 1) or PNG picture (position 2) - the picture is activated and I can enter a link. Double-click on the GIF picture - Nothing happens
All pictures have the same name.

A Puzzle. The problem must be some sort of rendering issue at your end because it’s fine here.

ok, but which rendering issue?
Regards - Stefan

If I knew, I’d have said. If you haven’t already done so, I’d start by repairing permissions.

I have repaired the permissions - nothing better
I have installed RW and Stack3 again - nothing better
I cannot add a link and edit the GIF pictures any more.

But I have found out:
If I delete the extension “.gif”, then everything works again > instead of “faszination.gif” only “faszination”

I hope someone explains that because it has got me puzzled.

Here a answer from YourHead - Stack3:

Unfortunately, this is a bug that you’ve just discovered. I have entered it into our bug database and we certainly want to fix it. I don’t know what the timeline is for that though. You can follow it here:

YourHead Software

Weird. Wonder why it didn’t happen on my page.

gifs are treated very specially in Stacks 3 – they do not allow editing – as that tends to have undesirable effects on animations, the meta-data they can carry, etc…

for this reason, when you add a gif to your layout we disable the edit buttons. unfortunately we accidentally also disabled the link buttons too. we’ll try to have this fixed up soon.

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