Problem with "open link in new window" and buttons

(CaFra Arabians) #1

“open link in a new window” does work fine in text links, but not with buttons?

Any suggestions please?
Thank you!

Link non perfetti
(Brad Halstead) #2


Version of RW?
Version of Stacks?
Button Stack (if using one)?


(CaFra Arabians) #3


RW 6.3.8
Foundation 1.6.2 with Addon Packs version 1.6.5
Stacks 3
Foundation Button Group & Button Group Item

Thanks, Barbara

(Brad Halstead) #4

@cafra, @zeebe

Looks like a bug in the Button Group Stack to me… please submit bug report to JW.

I just created a new project
Added a Stacks Page
Changed theme to Foundations
Added Site Styles
Added Button Group Stack
Set url to open in new page with an offsite url for 1 button
save project
open in Safari
When button clicked, new window not respected, external url opened in same window/tab.


(CaFra Arabians) #5

The problem is known.

I solved it by not using the button group stack but a 1-column-foundation stack and “normal” buttons - so it works!

(Brad Halstead) #6


Thanks for the update, glad you found a work-a-round.