Problem with publishing in Rapidweaver 6

(Graeme MacLennan) #1


For years I have been using Rapidweaver 6 with no problems. Starting from scratch, it took me two weeks working full time to build a website. As I am doing my PhD I can’t afford the time to update my site to Version 8. And version 6 has been adequate up to now. Besides I think this may be a problem which occurs across versions.

What is happening is that I have made changes to my website in RapidWeaver 6 without problems. I can save the changes and I can Preview the changes. But when I check to see if the changes have been saved by checking out Safari, they haven’t been.

Can anybody out there help?


(Joe Martin) #2

We would need grabs of the publishing setup at minimum.

(Graeme MacLennan) #3

Hi Joe,

Thanks for replying. Is the attachment what you want? If not please get back to me


(Joe Martin) #4

Not seeing any…

Like this…

(Graeme MacLennan) #5

Hi Joe,

I am not sure the attachment was on the last email.


(Joe Martin) #6

I am not seeing any attachment

(Don H) #7

You will need to actually post on the forum and upload an image. An email reply does not post any attachments to the thread here.

(Joe Martin) #8

And I didn’t see any on the email

(Graeme MacLennan) #9

Hi Joe,

How do post on the forum and upload an image?


(Don H) #10

You need to go back to your thread on the forum in a web browser, instead of replying to the email alerts in your mail app.

In the editor when you reply in your web browser, there is an image upload button in the toolbar. Upload an image with that.


(Graeme MacLennan) #11

Hi Joe or Don,

Is th

Is this what is needed?

(Joe Martin) #12

A good start…I was noticing on your site…you stopped naming your folders and just have Page xxx whatever…is that right or are those not the pages you are publishing?
Example: for the Deposit FAQ page:

(Don H) #13

I think your path is wrong. It looks like you have put the new site in a subfolder named for your domain.

Is this the new site:

If so, try leaving the path blank and re-publishing.

(Graeme MacLennan) #14

Hi Don,

Tried the new path and leaving it blank. Both didn’t work. But I am now getting the following message:

Couldn’t save your FTP password

Your Keychain could not be opened to save your password, please try again.

Thanks Graeme

(Graeme MacLennan) #15

Hi Joe,

They are the pages I am publishing.



(Don H) #16


I’d try a google search on the keychain error and see if there are any issues with it.

As far as your web pages, I’m still unclear as to which are your newer design pages.

Can you do a screenshot of what one of the new pages look like?

(Graeme MacLennan) #17

Hi Don,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I did a similar thing and asked the computer to search for “keychain”. To cut a long story short, I found that my iCloud did not have a password, which is the Apple password that password is no longer there. I have applied for a new password. Apple said it would be days before the new password comes. I think the computer can’t find the keyword because it isn’t there.

What do you think?


(Graeme MacLennan) #18

Hi Don,

I meant to say Apple ID not password.


(Don H) #19

If your Keychain cannot be opened, then that would explain why RW could not access or save your FTP password.

(Graeme MacLennan) #20

Hi Don,

I waited to reply until I had a technician look at the computer. Thinking the problem was Version 6, I upgraded the site to Version 8, but the problem persisted. I want to reload Version 8 ready for someone else to look at it, because he made changes to the Version 8 code. The technician cost me hundreds of dollars and when I called him back because he had not solved the problems, the computer was worse. He got into the code and made changes.

How do I reload Version 8, so somebody else can work on the computer?

Thank you,