Stacks Button Image Doesn't Render Properly on Homepage in Safari

(Michael Hogan) #1

Greetings, all,

I have a weird conundrum - I have inserted a Stacks Button into a PlusKit footer page that I do an @Import for each page on my site - that way I only have to update the footer page and every other page then displays what appears in that Footer page. Easy, right? Woo hoo!

The strange behavior I’m seeing seems to be exclusive to Safari in that there is a button doesn’t render properly on the Homepage of my site, but does for every other page on which the footer is displayed. On the homepage, it’s just a text link. The button renders properly on Firefox and Chrome.

And I can’t figure out why. Everything is up to date and current re: Theme, RW v.7.5.5, Stacks, etc., even Safari 11

My site is and if you open the site in Safari, click on the “For Chorus Alumni - Click Here!” text link in the footer on the homepage, you’ll (hopefully) see what it’s supposed to look like at the bottom of the page that appears, and every other page on the site, too, for that matter.

If you’re not seeing what I’m describing in Safari, though - please let me know that, too, and that’ll tell me that there’s something wonky with my own personal version of Safari, and no-one else’s.

Many thanks for any suggestions/solutions.

(Michael Hogan) #2

Well, how about that - the very next thing I did after submitting this was a “reload with plug-ins” selection in Safari by holding down my mouse button over the reload option - discovered it completely by accident. And now the pesky button renders properly. SMH.

(Isaiah Carew) #3

The button indeed looks great here. It sounds like a Safari Caching issue was keeping it from loading.

That said, I would urge you to do this (where you can) using Partials rather than PlusKit.

Partials are a built-in part of Stacks and are very efficient.

PlusKit is a very big hammer. Make sure you save it for the big nails. :slight_smile: