Yuzool Just Forms stack

Disappointed…. bought Just Forms a few months ago. Problems with the mailbox, the mail notifications did not work (no recieving or sending) Resolved shortly afterwards by Michael. Now, the same problems with the mailbox. Already sent several messages, but no more support. Is there anyone who can help me …

Let’s see if we can’t attract @yuzool’s attention. :sunglasses:

I have used all possible channels to reach him…. without result ! I think he’s on a different planet.


Pretty sure he’s based in Japan. I also think he travels a lot.

If the form worked once and now doesn’t, maybe something has changed at the hosting end?


Hi Rob

it’s not the first time. A few weeks ago, the same problem. Sent an email to support, and “Yuzool” said the error was on their side, and shortly thereafter it worked back. But apparently never long. In the meantime I don’t have contact with my customers, and that is a problem. I find no other solution.



Somebody’s about there because they’re running a Black Friday sale. Don’t have the plugin I’m afraid, so can’t help.


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