Problems linking images and pages, particularly in Chunky Theme by Yazool

I tried emailing Yazool but no reply.

I’ll try to explain (I’m new to all of this).
I am using Rapidweaver 6 newest update.
I have no hosting yet so am relying on preview tab and preview in Chrome options.
I am trying to adapt a duplicate of Chunky Theme, following Yazools instructions page. However, when I edit the links for page references they appear empty, even when I have gone to the inspector and changed folder and .html file names to match my edited css code for the filterable gallery.
I’ve been pulling my hair out.
Even more frustrating is when I edit the css example project which came in the zip file I bought I lose jpegs. I have been dragging images in to various folders in the theme content folders and linking to the css but the jpeg files keep disappearing after a mac error message says words to the effect of ‘failed to find application.’

I realise I am limited in experience with web building but have tried so many options but cannot get the links to work (using correct linking techniques i have researched carefully).

I am on the demo version of stacks at the mo (needed for the working chunky example I loaded). Is this the problem?

Please help.
Thank you

It might help to post a screenshot of your portfolio/gallery code. I had a problem with setting up my Chunky portfolio with it formatting incorrectly. My problem was fixed by highlighting everything and selecting ‘Ignore Formatting’. That doesn’t sound like it’d help your issue though.

Do your linked pages have anything in the folder setting?

Here are the screen shots, as you can see from the preview shot there is a question mark where the bear jpg should be.

In the code screenshot I have highlighted the bit I changed from img src=“ “alt=””

to img src=“2ChunkyDemoCustom.rw6/QuickLook/resources/bear.jpg “alt=”"

I have also tried
img src=“%resource(bear.jpg)%”
and img src=“bear.jpg%”


Heres that second screenshot:

P.s, I have not yet exported the file or uploaded to a host ( I am yet to get one). Could this be why the picture is not showing? The bear.jpg was dragged from my desktop to the resources panel in the programme. I checked the resources folder in the project folder and it has aworking alias file to the correct desktop jpg there.

Yeah, that looks like what the issue is. I warehoused mine on my server and it worked fine. I don’t know what the file path would be to link them via the resources folder.