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As a newcomer to RW7 this may be a repeat of an existing question/problem. Originally I used iWeb, but recently decided to move to Sandvox. There were some problems, but I could more or less manage round them. But Sandvox appears dead, so I decided to moved to RW7. I want to move my old pages from Sandvox and iWeb to RW7. My first drag-drop or copy-paste of a simple text page with embedded images, etc. (very simple format) went well. My second drag-drop worked fine, expect for the TIFF images (which appears to be a different problem). My third drag-drop produced a preview with some pasted-graphic messages. But the images were all in the right places in the edit screen (left-aligned). However, saving the page produces a mess, with images in different places and text over some images. Also in edit I can not click on some of the images to remove or replace them.
Moving from iWeb to Sandvox I had to re-build the page, first text and place each image in the right place (using TextEdit). Am I going to have to do the same with RW7?

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You can copy & paste, but most of the time the format is different and doesn’t copy well into RW.

You could try clicking on “Format” in the top menu, then click “clear formatting”. But somethings will not work if copied from another program with a different format.

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Thanks for the suggestion, and I did test “clear formatting” as you suggested and it did change the text font and size, but it did not resolve the problem. Tried “ignore formatting” and that changed the font and size, and also removed all the images. Tried to build the page with copy and paste of text bits and then copy in the different images, but had the same problem.

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Extending this question. I have tried to re-build a test page, copy and paste text and images one after the other. Does not solve the problem. Tried to simply put the first 4 images on a test page, one below the other. First a tiff followed by a pdf image, followed by another tiff, followed by another pdf graphic. In Edit all 4 images are there, but in Preview only the tiff are there and the two pdf image/graphics are marketed with placeholders. Save, close and re-open RW7 and in Edit the two pdf image/graphics are there but overlap with the tiff images, and are inaccessible. The two tiff images are fine. In Preview the two pdf image/graphics are marked with placeholders. Oddly enough on one page I copied across to RW7 I could not see the tiff images, but on this page I can see and use the tiff images. The impression I have is that the problem resides in the pdf files, either as images or graphics. Can anyone confirm this, and tell me if there is a way to get around the problem?

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What kind of page type are you using?
Rapidweaver supports different kinds and it’d be helpful to know which one you’re using.

You shouldn’t be using TIFF images at all because they’re not very web-friendly. I’d convert them to JGPs first.

Dragging a PDF onto the page probably won’t work either I’m afraid. You’d be better off adding the PDF to Resources (in the left hand column) then creating a JPG image to ‘represent’ the PDF, dropping that into the page and then linking it to the actual PDF in Resources.

But first things first - what page type?


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Hi, I’m just using Styled Text and I just paste across the old text blocks that were in Arial 24 on my Sandvox pages. I did a test page with some text and jpeg images, and convinced myself it was easy. And it was until I started with some other pages which included embedded tiff and pdf images. I have one page on restoring photographs where I would like to keep the tiff as examples. This is the page that has decided not to render the tiff. Any idea why? File size? On another page I have some smaller tiff images that render perfectly, but the embedded pdf image/graphics are the one that cause the problems. I was hoping for a simple elegant solution, but I can always convert the pdf to jpeg using the app from RootRise (can also convert tiff to jpeg). The original format of those images and graphics does not matter very much, provided the quality is not affected. Perhaps using Resources would be a good idea for a few biggish tiff files.

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To take the text first, the way Rapidweaver formats this sounds different to what you’re used to. Your chosen theme will dictate the style and size of the text as well as the font (though it may give you some choices here). If you want bigger text, I’d experiment with using the various Header settings in the <> menu at the bottom of the Styled Text page. If you start trying to format text outside of Rapidweaver and then paste that in, you’re going to run into problems, I’m afraid.

The golden rule is - paste plain text in and let the theme take care of the rest.

Regarding the TIFF file issue, I don’t know I’m afraid. I can see why you might want large, hi-res TIFFs for a visitor to download but you should really be using JPGs and PNGs for web.

There’s a Rapidweaver manual that may help.

Good luck.


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Thanks a lot, some things to look at about text fonts, etc., and thanks for the link to the manual.
Always irritating to change, and I want to keep things simple, but also profit from what RW offers. I will probably have to use jpeg. I presume jpeg and jpeg2000 are treated the same?
Best regards

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IME the 2000 variant is rarely used so I’d be tempted to convert them all to standard JPG for compatibility’s sake.


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