Problems with upgrade to 8.7

I recently updated Rapidweaver (to V8.7) When I opened up the upgraded program, not only did I have to update my registration , but it seems I also had to update “Stacks” and it appears re-install Sitelok. Stacks wants me to pay for the update. Do I also have to pay to update Sitelok? I am not a power user, I just run a social club web page. I cannot afford to keep paying for upgrades. Can I uninstall the 8.7 upgrade and keep the old Stacks & Sitelok.?

You shouldn’t have to upgrade the stacks plugin, you may need to reinstall it and enter the serial number from when you purchased it. If you lost your serial number you can look up here

If you are using an earlier version of stacks (version 3.x) you can get a copy here

As for sitelok you might have to re-register it.
Adrian at @vibralogix can help you out with that.

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There is no need to reinstall Sitelok as it’s installed on your server and shouldn’t be affected by updates in Rapidweaver or Stacks. If you have any problwems you can of course contat me via the support system.

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