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I am intrigued by the new Members Pay Stack.

Anyone have any idea how it protects content?


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Hi @Shadow

Thank you for asking this question in the forum, as we (@yuzool, @kryten and I) have been receiving quite a few requests for info through the support system.

“Protecting Content” - for these Widgets it means protecting the content from unregistered persons such as a members only site, a forum, or the like.

We are aware there currently is an issue with protecting sub-pages and are working on a permanent solution.

In the meantime, there are a couple of work-a-rounds that we have offered in our FAQ site that we hope will temper issues in the meantime.

We know these are not optimal and are working on a permanent solution.

Thank you for bringing your query here, this way all members keep updated on the products in question.

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Thank you for your reply. That really clarifies things for me.

I thought that I might have misunderstood the functions of the stack. For a moment I thought I might need the “Members” stack to protect the “Members Pay” stacks.

The current workaround in the FAQ is a good one. That will certainly make it more difficult for anyone to access the private content.

The only addition I would make is to avoid using file extensions like “private.html” “admin.html” and so on.

Those will be more likely to be guessed by someone looking for hidden files.


Shadow (aka Silas)

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This is touched on in the user guide included with the Widgets but I will add it to the FAQ for pre-sales, thank you for your contributions!

Kind Regards

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