Publish quit working

Publish has quit working for me. It apparently times out, as the progress bars all remain empty. After awhile, it tries to do a backup but nothing happens there, either. Eventually, I get the error message telling me that publishing failed. Two things have changed since I last published successfully:

  1. I’m fairly certain that Foundation updated, although I have no idea how that would break publishing.

  2. The service I use now requires that I register with Cloudflare, which requires that I change my nameservers with my registrar. But I don’t see anything in the publishing setup that mentions nameservers; just the domain, username, and password.

Any idea what might be causing this?

FWIW, I created a new test site that’s a subdomain of the main site and it publishes without a problem, which makes me wonder if the main site got corrupted somehow. Is there a way to test a domain file and find problems?

It turns out that Cloudflare was the problem. A2 gave me the actual server address which I used as the Server setting instead of, so RW didn’t have to go through the Cloudflare nameservers but went instead directly to the A2 server where the site is located. It republished the entire site, and everything seems to be working fine.

I find this is a common refrain, unfortunately.

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If you use Cloudflare, you can create a subdomain on Cloudflare DNS that points to your IP. Then turn off the orange cloud so that it’s a DNS only record. Then use that subdomain to publish. Example:


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