Publish settings blank after upgrade to 7.5.7

Hi, I have just one web site. After upgrading to v7.5.7, the Publish Settings dialog displays no field labels and no data. If I click in a field, I can see the data. Separately, the Edit background color changed on all my pages. I am using macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I have rebooted. I am unable to publish to my hosting provider. Publishing always succeeded previously. -Thank you

Are you possibly running Dark mode in Mojave? RapidWeaver 8 was out before dark mode(Mojave), I the don’t think RW7 supports it.

As for the publishing issues we’ll need to have a bit more information.
Try switching to light mode first. Then give us a screenshot of the publishing settings and the error message that you are getting.

Once you can “see” again you might try re-entering your login credentials.

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