Publish Site But Doesn't Update

(Bill Francis) #1

Hi all,

I have uploaded a site that i am working on but have had a few issues with other bits in it.

I have deleted 1 page off the site and saved the changes. I then re-published all files and all updated.

I then view the site but it still shows the page that i have deleted.

Someone please educate me here as i thought every time i uploaded it would overwrite the old files and delete the pages that are no longer on your website.

Do i need to go somewhere else to delete these pages?


(Doug Bennett) #2

RapidWeaver will and should not delete anything from the published site. You need the do this manually with an ftp client or your hosting company might have a file manager.

(Bill Francis) #3

Ok, so does this mean i need to use Filezilla and log into my website and look for the pages that i took off the website in order for it to stop publishing them?

(David) #4

You have to delete the pages from your server with your FTP app (Filezilla). Going forward, pages deleted from your RW project will not be republished.

(Bill Francis) #5

Only 1 issue with it now everything else is back to the way it was. My only issue is the Albums page which gets the information from my photobooth uploads but that seems to have stopped working. I just get a blank page and the page is /albums which is correct.

Oh well just another issue i need to learn about :slight_smile:

(David) #6

Posting a URL for the page will help people trying to help you.

(Bill Francis) #7

Hi all sorry the url is - Under construction or it may be destruction!

The database is still there with all the detail on it but the photos should show on the albums page. I also have a log into my booking page where i can control bits from but i have also lost that through my server. I have sent them an email now (23:47 hrs UK time) so i hope to get a reply tomorrow.
Regards Bill

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