"Publish" to Host GHOSTED

I have a site file which I have uploaded many times to my host using the in-app “Publish” button (with HOST selected in the drop-down).
Yesterday, the Publish button was ghosted and inoperable. (Note: With “Local Backup” selected, Publish is not-ghosted and works fine.)
THE PUBLISHING SETUP IS UNCHANGED, AND WORKS FINE WHEN I RUN “Test” - ie, I get “Connection test successful” message.
Publish_SideBySide cf_082320 I use Rapidweaver 7 on an iMac running OS X El Capitan v.10.11.6

Note sure I follow you, but the publish button is not available (grayed out) if nothing has changed since the last time you published.

The "Publish button will only publish changed stuff (pages with the little blue dot). If RapidWeaver doesn’t think or anything has changed or lost track of what has changed it won’t publish. You can select the Re-Publish All Files option from the dropdown.

Thanks a lot, Doug. My mess-up. What prompted my confusion was the following: Yesterday, out of the blue, certain pages of my hosted site were suddenly not looking right (dropouts of a few Stacks items) - either in browser-preview mode or by viewing the site live in any live browser. In my panic, I wanted to first try re-uploading the site to the host as a possible cure. (The files had not actually been changed, andI was not paying attention, as I should have, to the blue dots in the menu). Today, incidentally but happily the site looks fine again online. A mystery, but all is good for now. So it goes. But again, thanks very much for the help.

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