Publishing fails consistently

(Andreas Belivanakis) #1

All of a sudden, I cannot publish my websites. Publishing fails every time. I’ve been trying all ay today.

This is unlike anything I’ve even seen before. Publishing stops short of publishing anywhere from 1-2 to hundreds of files. It just stops dead.


Publishing stop working correctly after the upgrade
(Greg Schneck) #2

Can you publish single pages? (one or two, as a test)
Can you export to folder and ftp the files?

(Andreas Belivanakis) #3

Exporting works. Single pages exhibit the same problem.

(Greg Schneck) #4

And when use use “test” on Publishing setup?
What does it say when you click the blue “i” (info) button as shown at bottom of last photo?

The “Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server” makes it sound like your Publish set is bad…

(Andreas Belivanakis) #5

Nah, it happens all the time. I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen at least once trying to publish a project.

My settings are OK. I have verified that “test” works.

(Brian LaPan) #6

Try unticking this prefererence (in the latest version)


(Jeu Elissen) #7

I had the same problem a few days ago. Support told me to delete the publishing bookmark and create a new one. This solved the problem.

(Bill Fleming) #8

I same issue and I was lead to this post. I deleted and redid my bookmark. It seem to fixes it for me.

(system) #9

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