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I’ve been using Rapidweaver for about a year and use to host my website. I have noticed recently that when I publish a singe page I have no problem but if I publsh a page and sub-pages , such as photography in the screenshot, I get an error message “couldnt sign into your ftp server”. The same happens if I try publish the whole website. Most pages are on the Foundry theme. The host company dont seem to be able to solve the issue. Any ideas would be welcome.

wbsite is


Would need a screenshot of publishing settings to get much help.

Also have a look at this article:

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The first test…always
If you have an FTP client…test the settings with it…

The issue only arose last week. The publishing settings were never changed. On one day you could publish a page, a page and sub pages or re-publish the whole site. The next day once you publish more than a single page the issue arises. e.g. if I publish Photography as a sinle page it publishes but if I publish Photography + sub pages, it comes up with “couldnt sign into your ftp server”

Try changing the connections to a lower number…

I tried that - same problem.

I’ve been on line with no issues until recently. I can still publish but only page by page. I read through the “How to fix …” >. Thanks.

I checked and they don’t seem to have anything about FTP or publishing or anything at all in their support knowledgebase.

You can try to change the mode, and you already change the connections… I was looking to see if the host has any more info, like do they support SFTP as that’s a much more reliable and secure way to publish.

Thanks for trying. I’ll try Host again. Its ironic that it all worked no trouble and then this problem arose.

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