Publishing Issues with Little Oak

Is anyone having issues publishing their sites to Little Oak? They are saying they don’t see anything wrong but I’m unable to publish. I can connect and the files start to publish but then everything just stops and I get either a timeout or and error saying that a connection could not be made to the server. I did just upgrade my Mac to 11.3. I have sites with other hosting providers and I can publish to them just fine.

Hi Arlen,

I don’t have anything at Little Oak anymore, but lots of RW users do.

The “timeout” messages and the “unable to connect” are very generic and don’t give us much information to help you out.

Since you just upgraded your is I’d probably start by reentering your login credentials (server name, user name, password). These sometimes get messed up in keychain.

You can have a look here and follow all the steps outlined in the KB article.

Thanks for the reply, Here are the exact errors I’m getting

  • Timeout was reached. URL:
  • Unable to upload file, unstable connection or the server may be out of disk space.

I have a stable connection and I’m able to upload to other hosting providers without issue. It’s to the point where I might have to migrate all my sites to another hosting provider. I’ve even tried exporting one of my sites and using the Forklift app to manually upload the files, nothing is working.

I’ve re-entered my credentials, connecting isn’t my issue, I’m able to connect it just won’t upload all the files, it’s starts to upload some files then just stops.

When you say you re-entered your credentials, did you simply remove the ones that were there and then re-enter them?

I ask because the only problem I had with Little Oak recently was solved by changing the password on my account. No real explanation as to what had happened but it fixed the issue straight away. Worth a go?

Thanks for the suggestion, I just changed my password but unfortunately it didn’t fix my issue. I think I’m going to migrate to Chillidog.

I certainly wouldn’t argue with that. Greg and Brian know their hosting and RW inside out. I’ve got lots of sites with them.

If you look at the KB article in the post above, and follow all the steps, you will get to a log file. That will give you a lot more information than the “genric” messages that the publishing says.

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