Question About The Engineer Theme Menu Bar Behavior

Engineer theme has a menu bar that permits child selections:

For example say one selection on the MENU BAR is:


To make this, you create the ABOUT page and pull the others in. Simple.

BUT, if you select the ABOUT choice in the menu bar, it doesn’t bring you to the ABOUT page. It just shows you the three choices underneath.

  1. Is this correct behavior?

  2. One test user managed to land on the actual ABOUT page and (not surprisingly) it was blank. Any suggestions? Should I be populating this page, if only with the selections “HISTORY”, “PHOTOS” and “CONTACT”?

Many thanks for any feedback!

I’m on my iPad so I can’t say for sure about the Engineer Theme but menu to submenu behavior is very much theme dependant.

To prevent someone from getting a blank page on the parent menu one trick is to make the parent page not to be a real page.

You can do that be making the page an Offsite page instead of something like a styled text or stacks. Set the offsite URL to #.

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the quick answer. I read it and then hit a brick wall. Not your fault, just my limited knowledge of RW.

So…for anyone else reading this…

  1. I went to my page and tried to find out where to set my offsite URL. That option just didn’t exist.

  2. Then I searched around the forums using “set offsite url” (not in quotes…that yielded nothing). I got a few hits.

  3. And who came to the rescue? Doug again, only 4+ years ago in the past.
    Themes that allow for "Disable Parent" in navigation - #13 by teefers

  4. After reading that it dawned on me that “make your page an offsite page” really means “Create a new page. Select ‘Offsite Page’.”

  5. Turns outs RW doesn’t let you change page type after creation, (although it seems versions previous to 7 may have…). Anyway, I made a new page, selecting “offsite”. Went to page settings and sure enough there was an option to put an offsite link. I put in # (hash mark) as Doug directed and–voila!–works like a charm.

So, my thanks go out to both past and present Doug for his assistance!


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