Why no Icon for RW6 Projects? (Shows as default document icon with turned down corner.)

Why no Icon for RW6 Projects? Is a topic from the old forums that didn’t seem to get closed.

Will RW6 ever get its own icon? Its really hard to find RW6 amongst all the other files. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?


are you using the 6.3 beta 1 or 2, I think Realmac made this an option in one of those. The option to turn off QuickPreview.

I’m not sure.

Its the automatic update toRW6.

about rapidweaver says

Version 6.3 (14965)

I could not see any option in preferences or advanced settings.

The ability to turn-off Quick Look generation is in 6.3.1 betas… This means projects will get a Purple RW6-project icon.