Rapid weaver 7 keychain access problem

I recently upgraded to Rapidweaver 7 but I’ve not yet been able to use it. Upon trying to open any of my site projects I get a pop up box emailing that Rapidweaver wants to use my confidential information stored in my keychain “Do you want to allow access to this item?”. However clicking “Always Allow” or “Allow” does nothing and the pop up remains there blocking me from my Rapidweaver project.

I didn’t have this issue with Rapidweaver 5 or 6, so I’m unsure how to solve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Seems to be an issue with keychain I would search http://support.apple.com its been a long time since I have had an issue with keychain but it happens

Do you have keychain turned on in System Prefs?

Open your Keychain Access App you can find it with spotlight then when its open to the right of the apple menu go to Keychain access and goto preferences.

you will see a reset button you can try that.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to have a look in keychain later to see if I can work it out. I’ll try your suggestion Scott and see if it works.

Thanks for the help, it’s appreciated.

I think that may have done the job! Thank you.

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