RapidWeaver repeatedly prompts for access to AddressBook


All of a sudden, Rapidweaver started showing a prompt to get access to my Address Book. No matter whether I click on either of the dismiss and agreement buttons, it pops up every time I open my project. I looked into Security&Privacy and the app is there - checked and approved. What gives?

Hi William and welcome to the forum.

Not sure what’s going on with RapidWeaver and the constant prompt for access to the address book.

Could you give us more details including versions of macOS, RapidWeaver and any plugins and addons you are using.

Also make sure RapidWeaver is running out of the applications folder.

That’s the normal behavior when starting RW the first time, I think because it wants to fill some information inside the general project settings, like contact name.

Just disallow the access to the contacts, and it should not ask again next startup.

It’s in a subfolder of Applications folder. The subfolder is where I put all 3rd party apps. Are you saying RW is so thin-skinned about where it runs from? I never ever had a trouble with running Mac apps from wherever I want them to. What if I move it to my home’s Applications folder. Will it make a difference?

RW is ver. 6 on my Mavericks machine I haven’t touched in a while so don’t remember if that issue plagued me in the past, but now I have to deal with this OS because of some apps that perform better on 10.9 than 10.14.

Upd. I misremembered and confused one for another. No, I actually was talking about RW5 that turns out was installed on my Lion machine I forgot entirely of. And, speaking about Mavericks, I downloaded RW6 demo from the official downloads page. It’s RW6 that’s causing headache.

I already said, I clicked on either of the buttons, the issue persists regardless.

Then open a support request with RMS. @Aaron

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This setup isn’t giving you problems correct?

Right now the current release of RapidWeaver is 8.6.2. RW6 is two major releases back, and about 5 years old. If I understand you are using OS X Mavericks (10.9 released on October 22, 2013) with the demo version of RapidWeaver 6.4 (May 24th 2016)?

I’m not sure they’re compatible.

You can try contacting RealMac support and see if that version works with that OS version.

First of all, I’m not an idiot and I know RW6 isn’t a current update channel. Thank you for clarifying that additionally.
Second, it’s compatible with Mavericks because

  • it meets the system requirements as put by the developers themselves.
  • it doesn’t throw typical incompatibility errors on launch such as failed calls to dylib objects: usually, these faults correspond to an application failing to launch when a user tries to open it in a normal way. No such errors here. It runs.

The issue is a software bug that looks like it won’t ever be fixed since, as you pointed out correctly, it’s 2 releases backwards. In Console, there’s plenty of repeating messages to the effect of

unrecognized selector sent to xxxx instance

They coincide with me clicking on buttons of the security dialog asking to allow the access to AddressBook.

I had stock apps requesting this permission and after granting I never had them annoy me over and over again.

unrecognized selector is a matter of programming errors, not incompatibility.

Nobody said this.

Why not opening a support request?

Because I don’t believe that any company would support anyone that’s using “an old” software by their standards.I don’t waste my time by hearing stock phrases and excuses to “update” or usual generic solutions which don’t mitigate the issue that can be addressed with engineering means only. They won’t do it. You sound like “contact support” is some panacea or sacred deity. It’s not. They provide demo installers for older versions and are very quick to collect your money (without even providing a discount as if $100 were dust), but they won’t issue updates when in need.

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