Rapid Weaver 8/ Catalina

Hi All,

Are there any issues with RW 8 and Catalina ? Recently it flipped on me and replaced my theme. Now I have great difficult getting the Page Inspector to work. Sometimes the page flickers just once every so often and of the moment if I want to write the slogan or title into to general I have to do it one letter at a time because the cursor will not hold still in the write-in box for more than one letter at a time. It also seems some of the options (but that maybe because I am new to rw8) such as banner background do not work at all . The faults do not seem to appear elsewhere, in using other programmes. It seems to be a mismatch with RW and Cat ?

The only issues I’m aware of is older plugins not being compatible(not notarized).

The only time I see that behavior is if you are in preview mode while trying to edit settings.

You would need to be more specific. Banners should work properly if the theme supports them.

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