Rapid Weaver keeps Crashing

Every time I upload my site to make a change RW keeps crashing and I get the bar at the top that says exporting after the site is done publishing and I then get the ball of death. That will go away and the bar at the top stays open. When I press cancel it sends an error report and I can’t close the window and I have to force quite the application. Then the site isn’t saved. Any idea’s on how to fix this?

Please check our our publishing troubleshooting guide


Hi Gary

When the error reporting window pops up, could you:

  1. Click the (i) button above the main buttons at the bottom.
  2. go to the “Exception” tab.
  3. Copy the entire contents there
  4. Send it to support@realmacsoftware.com marked “FAO Nik” and I’ll be able to take a look.



@nikf That is the problem, the screen locks I have no control over the screen at all except to minimize it or take a screen shot. The only buttons I can press is the cancel button or at the top left I can minimize or maximize the screen. Once I press cancel it forces me to send an error report. Everything else is locked. I even put a copy of this screen shot in the report.