Rapidcart 3 - PayPal Shipping Address Error

Hi Rapidweaver Forum!

I am hoping someone is going to be able to help me figure this one out. I’ve just recently started encountering a problem with Rapidcart 3 and PayPal checkout. This webpage has been running without a hitch for nearly two years - until 2 weeks ago.


Here’s one of the pages that is causing me issues. If you add a ‘Solo Registration’ to your cart and checkout, it takes you to PayPal just fine. If you go back and add a ‘Pro-Am Registration’ to your cart and checkout, you get an error from PayPal:

There’s a problem with your shipping address.
Please return to the merchant and update your information, including your city, state, and ZIP code.

Here’s where it gets weird. Try the same thing on http://worlddancemasters.com/registration/worlds.html and it goes through fine!

All the settings look to be the same. They all worked perfectly less than a month ago. I started playing around with building a new registration system using Rapidcart Pro but that isn’t publicly live or in action yet. I thought Rapidcart Pro settings on the website might be interfering, so I delete all the settings and the page, but still nothing.

PayPal said it is a third party issue asking for a shipping address, but I don’t ask for a shipping address and shipping isn’t checked in the product settings for any of the items.

I’m losing my mind over it…I cannot for the life of me fathom what has changed and why now. It might be something super simple and I am being stupid. I am hoping a friendly face on this forum might be able to help.

All insight is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


I have a PaySnap page that was experiencing the same exact problems last week. No idea what was causing it. I know that’s no help, but I’m wondering if it was something on the client side – Didn’t happen when I tried to put in a payment myself…

There have been several similar posts about his problem recently. They seem to have (mostly) started after users updated to the recent RCP update. If you search for Rapidcart you will see the posts. Maybe tagging @rob will help to get a reply, but I don’t recall that he replied to the previous posts mentioning this problem.

I thought the same at first! Told a few customers to download Chrome and try again because I couldn’t recreate the problem. Then more customers emailed so did some further investigation and found a way to recreate it with some products and some items only.

Very strange and super annoying that I can’t identify why!

I began having this same problem a few weeks ago. I use RapidCart 3, so it is not limited to Pro. I began tinkering with the site and discovered that when I removed the Options from the items I am selling (in my case magazine subscriptions) the problem was resolved. It is only a temporary fix, however, because I still need for buyers to be able to select whether they want to begin a subscription with the current issue or the next issue. I also need for buyers to be able to provide mailing address information for gift subscriptions.

Interesting. On my site, all of the items have options but only one of the items has this issue (but didn’t have an issue at all until recently). So I don’t think it is the options themselves on my side.

All my customers can purchase fine for two items but the ‘Pro-Am’ item just sends them to the shipping error page.

It’d be nice to have an update from the Rapidcart team.

I managed a manual workaround for my customers. I’m in the process of moving away from Rapidweaver completely now though.

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