RapidCart Pro and invoice Information

(Frans van der Geest) #24

Spam mail? Seriously? That is your suggestion? You are kidding here, right?
No. I am not that simple that I forgot think ‘Ah, maybe it is in Spam’. I mean: come on!

Please, take this seriously because, if you look through the forums you will read the same problem on other threads.
A update or two ago from Rapid Cart Pro this started to happen: no confirmation mails generated sometimes.
Please RealMac: FIX this!! It costs me money and makes disappointed and unsatisfied clients on my webshop!

(NeilUK) #25

RapidCart Pro, as far as I know, is nothing to do with RealMac. It’s made and “supported” by Foreground https://4gnd.com.

(Robert Clare ) #26

Dear Frans I hope you find a soloution to your problem. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

(Frans van der Geest) #27

I stand corrected, you are of course absolutly right. My bad, I searched for this problem, came at this site/forum and started mixing companies up. Sorry and thanks Neil for directing me to the right company.

(Frans van der Geest) #29

Yeah… been a loong day with little sleep. So yes, adressing the wrong people with the wrong tone…