Rapidcart Pro gives cms possibility to edit site from a remote customers ?o

Hello i need to do a E- commerce website to my client and i’d like to know if Rapidcart Pro gives the possibility to edit and manage website from remote Pc … like a CMS?! I’ll do just a website but my client want to manage his items by himself, can he do it ?! Maybe i need Armadillo or whats? Please help me and tell me what i need or which stacks i need to do it.
Thank you so much

I do not believe so, but I do believe it is something they are working towards.

I haven’t had the chance to use Rapidcart Pro yet but am interested in it. I sort of assumed that the ‘Online Administration’ was meant to edit/manage store items, but maybe I am misinterpreting it?


I think that’s so you - as the developer - can make admin changes to the backend without having to open RW. As far as I know, Rapidcart Pro does not allow remote editing/updating via a browser to add edit store items.

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Thanks for that but of info. I am meeting with a potential client in the next couple of days and trying to anticipate some of his questions.

Have you used the Product Import (using CSV)? And if so, how user-friendly is it? I’m wondering if an option would be to offer a bi-weekly product update service and have him just send me a spreadsheet of new items…

(Sorry to hijack the thread a bit @andrecreative, hopefully this info is useful to you too).

No, I think that makes sense. I’ll have to get more detail from the client and see what makes the most sense. I’m eager to try out RCP but not sure this is the project to start with…

Not a ton no, other than the occasional importing of google analytics into a spreadsheet.

Hi guys,
CSV data format is documented in RapidCart Pro manual:


RapidCart Pro install DMG contains some sample CSV files in Extras folder.