Rapidcart Pro support experience... and questions

In my experience Rapidcart Pro´s tech support takes a week to answer an email. A questions use to takes several feedbacks so, since Oct 18 I am waiting for an answer that fix my issues. I´ve been begging for help but… still waiting. Those are facts, you can guess my opinion about.

Hopefully someone can help but anyway I think RW forum need a place to rate developers support (how long does an answer takes?, Is the information enough and clear?manual, tutorials, version, demos, refunds etc Customers support would be as important as the piece of software itself.

Anyway here are some issues about Rapidcart pro working with RW6.4:
This is the page https://www.par10.net but unfortunately after waiting so long I uploaded my best this morning, so not all of the points are reproduced.

1.RCP overrides theme basic style. Heads, font size, color, links …etc. Even RW code setting are override. I test it with a couple of themes: Gamma from Multithemes and Hive from Elixir. Unbelievable! cause Multithemes promote his new theme Gamma with RCP inside (I guess It works fine with RW7 but, again, After 21 days I am still waiting a help from Michelangelo ). My online store is in Home page.

2 I can not full customize the style via UIkit. Some Badges color are not listed inside CSS generated by UIkit. “Product added to cart” still pop up in a pale green, “thanks for your order” inside the email notification is blue, “fill required”,the yellow background inside text area boxes for customers info, during checkout process etc. I use one single color (006666) and greyscale tones. I search the css code for color hex number other than mine in order to “find and replace” and those color are not listed but still appears.

5 Cart>option>type NUMBER is mandatory and don’t take 0 as a value. Our online store offers wrapped gift, and the number option is where customers set how many product want to be wrapped. But number box do not accept blank or cero. Is it a bug?

6 Inside CART>PAYMENT>RECEIPT MESSAGE does not work neither %CUSTOMER_NAME% special tags nor any markdown syntax.

Thanks for your time.
Help me out.

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I agree support is very slow at the moment.
Not even a reply on the forums. @rob

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I had to give up for now after 4 weeks of trying to get help from Robert. I don’t want a half-assed store on my website and cannot get a straight answer. I will have to get back to this when I can get some answers :frowning:


Sorry for our late reply.
I’ve recently replied to both your support requests.

Thanks Roberto.
I have no reply yet… I guess it is coming in a while. Appreciated.
24h later.
Something is happening cause I checked it everywhere and I HAVE NO REPLY. Please would you mind telling me where can I find your answer? Thanks

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Please Roberto. [RapidCart Pro #2689] I still need your support because I haven´t got the answer. Thanks.

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Please Roberto, it would be nice to have a reply, someday. Thanks.